Joe's Victoria Falls Fishing Safaris

Come fishing in Victoria Falls with Joe!

  Meet Joe:  

Joe was born on the 25th of June 1977 in Kadoma, Zimbabwe. His dad was a second generation Gold miner who came to Africa to seek his fortune and ended up mining in the Brompton and Rora mines near the Banks of the Umsweswe river, Zimbabwe.... (The Umsweswe is a tributary into the middle Zambezi which leads into Lake Kariba). Joe grew up fishing with his dad and would pester him if the fish weren't biting, a habit that still holds true today as Joe will do everything to get you onto fish!

  Says Joe:  
  “I felt my dad had set in motion a deep love in me for nature as we would spend every free day on the river or in the bush. Later after high school I played cricket in England and Australia and on return to Zimbabwe I ended up getting a job with Zimbabwe Cricket to help develop cricket at grass roots level in schools. Somehow unintended, I made my way up to Victoria Falls and assisting with cricket development in 2005. I couldn't believe what luck I had being able to stay on the upper Zambezi a true mecca for any keen fisherman!

I then decided to do some free-lance guiding for Ultimate Fishing Safaris under the fishing legend the late Russel Caldecott...and as we say the rest is history when Joes Original Fishing Safari’s was born!
One of my biggest passions is to stop netting on the upper Zambezi...currently I work with Zimbabwe National Parks and assist with their anti-poaching activities. I am lobbying for a bag limit on the upper Zambezi and my company supports catch and release of all species. Litter is a major problem that I am also passionate about addressing, a clean river gives you clean and healthy environment!...from a fishing point of view the times have changed, it’s definitely no more “hook and cook”...let's keep the fish alive and let’s take a pic...ecotourism is the way forward for fishing...lets conserve our Zambezi for future generations”.